Houthis continue imposing illegal taxations on Yemenis

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Alsahwa Net- Owners and workers of a carpentry workshop in Jibla district of Ibb, in central Yemen, exchanged fire with the Houthis gunmen when the first refused to pay illegal taxations.

However, later, the Houthis gunmen brought more militants and assaulted the carpenters, abducted them and conditioned to pay taxations for releasing them.

The incident is part of the Houthis- imposing financial payoffs on merchants and shop owners in the Houthi-controlled area.

This time, in Ibb, the Houthis added property landlords to the list of payoff payers and required them to pay certain amounts of money as taxes for the past years.

This is happening amidst objection by citizens who say that the Houthis have been only collecting money without providing minimum levels of basic services to citizens or even paying monthly salaries to the public servants.

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