Southern separatists maintain reprisal attacks against people of Shabwa

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Militants of the Southern Transitional Council arbitrarily killed a trader from Shabwa privince, by the name Mohammed Abduh, and seized his truck in Aden on Tuesday. The day before the fascist separatists had killed Mohammed Murshid, a trader, and Adel Dodu'a owner of al-Hamraa restaurant in Aden.

Since their Aden coup on August 10, the militia have been killing high-profile northerners and even some southerners out of regionalist and political motives, as well as based on personal whim (arbitrarily).

They have also been maintaining a crackdown and house raids on government soldiers and pro-government activists killing their targets immediately or disappearing them."

Yemen army backed by people of Shabwa could take over the southern province and force the UAE-supported sepratists to escape.

This defeat of the sepratists pushed them to retaliate against people of Shabwa residing in Aden.

They have been being executed, pursued and forced to leave Aden.

هذا المقال "Southern separatists maintain reprisal attacks against people of Shabwa" مقتبس بواسطة موقع بلد نيوز وقمنا بإقتباسة من موقع (الصحوة نت) ,ولا يعبر عن سياسة الموقع أو وجهة نظرة بأي شكل من الأشكال ,وأنما تقع المسئولية الخبر أو صحتة على مصدر الخبر الأصلى وهو الصحوة نت.

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