Army spokesman: Houthis murder ten fellow commanders

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Alsahwa Net-The Houthis-affiliated militants killed recently ten fellow commanders following disputes over power, wealth and looted money, Brigadier General, Abdo Mujali, spokesman of the National army said.

Mujali said this statement to the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper. He explained that the army’s intelligence service reported growing disputes among Houthis field leaders that developed into armed clashing.

The situation worsened into murder of ten people of their fellow commanders, according to Mujali.

He added that other Houthis-fellow commanders were also detained for the same reasons.

He highlighted that the Houthis-affiliated forces seized the school-summer camps for child solider recruitment. Over 500 children were military recruited and were deployed to different warfronts, according to Mujali.

“This suggests shortage of fighters and their disability to retain military sites that remain under their control,” Mujali said. 

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